The Ghana Embassy in Brussels wishes to request Ghanaian citizens who have been in any way affected by the recent terror attacks in Brussels and who require emergency assistance to call the Embassy on 0472/451952 (Emergency No.), 0800 32 669 (Toll Free No.), 02/727 07 70 or 02/705 82 20 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for immediate consular attention.
Though there is no record of any Ghanaian casualty so far, the Embassy has nonetheless, in the period following the unfortunate attacks, been in constant touch with the Belgian Crisis Centre and Red Cross Offices with a view to seeking information on the whereabouts of any affected Ghanaians to enable Consular officers extend relevant help.

Consular officers from the Ghana Embassy in Brussels paid visits to temporary shelters which were set up by Belgian authorities for airline passengers and others affected by the attacks, to offer support to Ghanaians who had been temporarily displaced. The officers also liaised with Brussels Airport and Airline officials to arrange and rebook flights for Ghanaian nationals who were in transit through Brussels to get to their destinations.
The Belgian authorities are still carrying out several raids in and around the city of Brussels and it is expected that road blockades and traffic disruptions will continue to characterize life in Brussels during this period. For this reason, the Embassy advises that only essential travels or movements be undertaken.
The Embassy wishes to advise Ghanaian citizens in Belgium to strictly adhere to all security measures instituted by the Belgian authorities in the aftermath of the terror attacks to protect life and property. In this regard, it is important that personal safety measures as well as cautionary prompts be followed during daily undertakings.
In every effort geared towards securing the safety and welfare of Ghanaians, the role of family members in contacting Ghana Missions abroad directly with names and personal details of any missing family members, as witnessed in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks, had proven invaluable in ultimately assisting to trace affected persons.   
Finally, the Mission wishes to further stress that it has carried out the necessary checks and can confirm that there are no reports or records of any Ghanaians lost or hospitalized as a result of the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

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