Passport Application
  • Applicants for Ghanaian passports must be Citizens of Ghana by Birth, naturalisation, Registration, Adoption or by any Enactment. Documentary evidence must be provided in support of any such claim.
  • A Ghanaian passport is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document for Ghanaians who travel abroad.
  • Issued to Ghanaian citizens only, a Ghanaian passport reflects the identity of the applicant as determined by documentary evidence of citizenship and documents to support identity.
  • Children under the age of 16 years must have an individual passport.
  • Four (4) passport size photos
  • Proof of Ghanaian citizenship (originals only)
  • Documents to support Identity (originals only) such as School Certificate, Driver's Licence, Employment/Student / Other I.D. Cards.
  • Previous Ghanaian passport issued to you
  • Processing fee
The application should be submitted with four (4) standard passport size photographs taken full face on a plain background within six months of the date of application without dark glasses or hat. The photograph should be certified as a true likeness of the applicant by the witness.
  • Renewal of Passport (Expired or Exhausted Pages) - €125
  • New Passport (Child/Baby) - €125
  • Lost, Damaged or Stolen Passport - €225
  • Certification/Attestation/Authentication of Documents- €60 per Document
  • Travel Certificate/Certificate of Identity- €60
  • Legalisation of Foreign Documents- €60
  • Dual Citizenship - €200 (Forms & Processing Fees)
All enquiries and submission of documents relating to passport applications and other related matters should be sent to or contact us +32 2 7058220 / +32 2 7270770